Who are Woody Harrelson’s daughters? All about his kids with wife Laura Louie, as actor punches drunk man in “self-defense”


Woody Harrelson recently grabbed headlines by punching a man who reportedly refused to stop clicking pictures of him and his daughter.

An incident report acquired by TMZ says the cops were called to the Watergate Hotel in Washington D.C. at 11:03 pm on October 6. Police say the man was intoxicated and taking pictures of the actor and his daughter. Harrelson reportedly asked the man to stop and delete the photos he captured.

Harrelson said that the man then tried to grab his neck, and he was forced to punch him in self-defense.

The photographer’s name has not been revealed yet, but an investigation is being conducted by authorities.

Woody Harrelson’s children

Woody Harrelson is the father of three daughters with his wife Laura Louie. The oldest daughter is 28-year-old Deni Montana. Deni has mostly stayed away from the limelight, apart from a few rare appearances on the red carpet with her father.

Harrelson’s second daughter is 25-year-old Zoe Giordano. She has mostly kept her life private, but was seen with her father in the short film U2: Song for Someone in 2015. Zoe was the host of TED Talks at her high school where she spoke on the necessity of reducing the dependence on phones.

Harrelson’s youngest daughter Makani Ravello has already made her debut as an actress. She first appeared on LBJ in 2016 as a crowd member and played the role of Deni in Lost in London in 2017.

Previous controversies around Woody Harrelson

Woody Harrelson is a popular actor who has won several accolades. However, he has previously been involved in a couple of controversies.

He was arrested in 1982 in Columbus, Ohio for dancing in the street and resisting arrest. However, he was not jailed after paying a fine.

Harrelson was then arrested in 1996 in Lee County, Kentucky, after he planted four hemp seeds and challenged a state law that did not differentiate between industrial hemp and marijuana. He was later released on bail.

Woody Harrelson speaking at the 2014 Winter Television Critics Association tour (Image via Getty Images)
Woody Harrelson speaking at the 2014 Winter Television Critics Association tour (Image via Getty Images)

The Kingpin actor was arrested in 2002 in London after an incident in a taxi led to a police chase. The case was dismissed after he paid $844 to the taxi driver involved in the incident.

A lawsuit was filed by TMZ photographer Josh Levine in 2008 against Harrelson. Harrelson was charged with an alleged attack outside a nightclub in 2006. A video showed the actor grabbing the camera and clashing with the photographer. The case was then dismissed in 2010.

During the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Woody Harrelson was criticized for sharing a report that claimed to discuss 5G’s negative impact and its role in the pandemic. The report mentioned that 5G radiation was making the pandemic more lethal.

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