Jesy Nelson on Working With Nicki Minaj on ‘Boyz’


Nelson added that Minaj was incredibly hands-on while making the music video for the track. “I went out there [to shoot] with no one from my team, and normally I have a choreographer who helps me with my movements. I was like, ‘Sh–, what am I gonna do? My choreographer’s not here!’ And literally as soon as [Nicki] got on set she was like, ‘Girl, I think we should do a bit of choreography together. I think we should do this and on this lyric we should do this…’ She was basically teaching me choreography,” Nelson said.

The “Boyz” singer took a moment to reflect on Minaj’s work ethic, and said the rapper put her everything into ensuring their collaboration was a success. “She’s so hands-on and involved. She’s not the kind of artist who gets a feature, gets paid for it, and then just f—s off and doesn’t give a sh– about the song. She really cares,” Nelson said of Minaj. “Whatever she’s putting her name to, she’s really invested in and cares about it and that’s also why I love her so much. I feel really lucky that she loved the song and wanted to put her name on it.”

Watch Nelson and Minaj in the music video for “Boyz” below.



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