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Disney Night is back!annual Dance with the stars The special is back in Season 30 Episode 4, but this time it’s a special two-night “hero and villain” event!

The episode begins with a cast of magical journeys to “The Happiest Places on Earth,” and the remaining 13 pairs transform into everyone’s favorite protagonist, dancing to some of Disney’s most memorable music. bottom.Pair as if the night weren’t special Cody Riggsby When Cheryl Burke, Like Judge Derek Hough, won Return value To the ballroom after absent from COVID. The pandemic couldn’t stop the magic of Disney Nights!

In addition, Mickey Mouse himself introduced the first Mickey Dance Challenge. In this challenge, the pair must include a series of movements to all dances, regardless of style.Couples who best incorporate movement into their routine will be given two bonus points by the judge Carrie Ann Inaba, Ren Goodman, Bruno Tonioli, And Huff, increase the chances of escaping the next exclusion.

Check out tonight’s “heroic” performance before the villain-themed episode on Tuesday night. Moana, Cinderella, Mr.Incredibles, And Disney’s upcoming animated films Mirabel and magic!!

Dance to Jojo Siwa’s “Dream is Secret” (Viennese Waltz)


Disneyland Sports Matching Mickey Mouse Ears and Backpacks, Jojo Wrinkle Partner Jenna Johnson felt the pressure to incorporate the Mickey Dance Challenge movement into the traditional Viennese waltz.Step into Prince Charming shoes Cinderella As a routine, Jojo acted as a male dance part and received a lot of praise for his toned-down movement and structure. After being called “a dream come true” by Bruno, the pair scored the first nine points of the season, 35 out of 40.

Dance to “Step in Time” by Melanie Cism (Jazz)


From British pop stars to British nannies Melanie C Channeling her mother as her inspiration Mary Poppins Jazz routine to “step in time” with a partner Gleb Savchenko..Compared to aerobics class ThiraThe high-energy routine made the judge feel “Supercalifragilistic Expiridocious”. However, during the Mickey Dance Challenge move, the pair was slightly off, for a total of 31 points.

Matt James’s Dance to “Credits” (Quickstep)


In his first quick step this season, Matt James Takes over the speed of his favorite superhero Frozon Mr.Incredibles With a partner Lindsay Arnold As an iconic fashion designer Edna Mode. Bringing his love for the character to the ballroom, the judges loved his work ethic and improved footwork, but didn’t hesitate to state the need for improved skills. The pair scored 26 points, but not before Matt blurred the character’s most iconic line, “Where’s my supersuit?”

Dance to Jimmie Allen’s “Burning Fighting Spirit!” (Pasodoble)


Dance Pasodoble to Mulan’s “Burning Fighting Spirit!” Jimmie Allen We talked about the similarities with the characters in his title. Both he and Mulan had military fathers, and Jimmy emotionally dedicated his performance to him, who died a few years ago.The judge loved his power and emotions, and how his partner loved him Emma Slater Incorporated the movements of the Mickey Dance Challenge into the routine. They left with 30 out of 40.

Dance to Amanda Kloots’ “Yur Be In My Heart” (Rumba)


NS Amanda Kloots And partners Alan Basten When she visited Disneyland with her son Elvis, she shared her childhood memories of visiting a legendary theme park.Dance rumba to “Your Be In My Heart” TarzanThe theme of the song about the relationship between mother and son went home for a single mom. The judges loved Amanda’s Rumba move, but the pair’s Mickey Dance Challenge was slightly out of sync, for a total of 32 points.

Dance to Olivia Jade’s “I can’t wait to be king” (samba)


The role of Simba and Nala from gender vendors The Lion King, Olivia Jade And partners Val Chmerkovskiy “I can’t wait to be the king,” he continued to win in a row while dancing samba. The judges praised their strong match, scoring the second highest score of the night with 35 points. Derek calls her one of his favorite performers this season.

Mizu’s dance to “Friend Like Me” (quick step)


Called “Magic Mizu” by Bruno, Ms Brought his magic to Heroes Knight as a genie Aladdin.. He and his partner, Whitney Carson, connected over their love of becoming parents during a day at Disneyland. Because he loves to be the father of two young daughters. Covered from head to toe with blue paint, he fully embodied his role and gained a lot of love from the judges for his improved control and commitment to dance. They got a total score of 31 out of 40.

Dance to Kenya Moore’s “How Far I’ll Go” (Contemporary)


After finishing in the bottom two last week Kenya Moore Partner Brandon Armstrong Moana For contemporary dance to “How Far I’ll Go”. Disney Week brought emotional memories to Kenya, as her young daughter is a big fan of princess movies. She remembered how her daughter Brooklyn was her “miracle baby,” and said, “All the movements I make on that dance floor are for Brooklyn.” Ren called the performance “first class” and other judges agreed. In some criticisms of the routine lift, the pair still scored a solid score of 29 points.

Dance to Brian Austin Green’s “Someday My Prince Will Come” (Waltz)


Real life couple Brian Austin Green When Sharna Burgess It seemed to be off the screen of the movie in the role of Snow White and the Prince because of the waltz to “Some Day My Prince Will Come”. While there was love for each other, the judges continued to state that their love was not an excuse for poor choreography. Specifically, Carrie Ann pointed out a small lift in the routine, stating that the waltz has no lift. They left with 25 points and one of the lowest scores of the night.

Winner of the Mickey Dance Challenge

The winners of the first ever Mickey Dance Challenge, determined by the judges, were Jimmy and Emma in a powerful Moulin-style Pasodoble, finishing fifth at night. All 13 couples will return tomorrow night, October 12th, to Disney’s villain night!

“Dancing with the Stars” Episode 4: Disney Week Night 1 Brings Magic (RECAP) | Entertainment News

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