5 times Benny Blanco represented the BTS ARMY in Bad Decisions MV


Benny Blanco gathered BTS members Jimin, Jungkook, V, and Jin, along with Snoop Dogg, for his new single Bad Decisions, which dropped on August 5, 2022. While the BTS fandom was already excited about the latest collaboration, their expectations fueled up after watching the Bad Decisions music video.

The track incorporates a cheerful factor despite the title not expressing the song’s vibe. Benny, who also has hits like Eastside with Halsey and Lonely with Justin Bieber, channels his inner ARMY in the music video, and his charm has elevated the entire song.

Fans are praising Benny for brilliantly co-producing the song, which also echoes Snoop Dogg’s hip-hop roots and BTS’ impeccable vocals. On top of that, BTS ARMY are appreciating the creativity used to express their love for the South Korean pop band.

Here are 5 times Benny Blanco accurately channeled his inner BTS ARMY in the Bad Decisions music video.

Benny Blanco’s adaptation of BTS ARMY in Bad Decisions music video was relatable

1) BTS-inspired wall art

In the Bad Decisions MV, Benny wakes up and greets his enormous BTS-inspired wall, filled with BTS photocards, pictures, and posters. Like every BTS ARMY, he admires all the members before giving them a finger heart (a Korean way to show affection) and later moves on to carry out his daily activities.

BTS fans often decorate their walls and rooms with the boy group’s merch and pictures. Hence, seeing Benny do the same in the music video was thrilling.

2) Serotonin-filled excitement before BTS concerts


During the entire video, Benny is preparing to attend the BTS concert. All his efforts are correctly depicted and couldn’t be more accurate. The singer not only spends his whole day preparing props for the concert but also reaches the venue four hours early. But that’s not it, he arrives at the venue the day before.

His excitement and energy displayed how BTS fans prepare before going to the concert venue. In reality, many fans even set up a camp outside BTS concerts so that they don’t miss any single event from the entire show.

3) Preparing posters and other props

It’s common to spot hundreds of ARMYs arriving at the concert with hand-made posters and gifts for the boy group. Most of the time, they make the septet laugh with their extra-creative minds and self-designed banners.

In the video, Benny, a hardcore ARMY, is adorably preparing a Purple cake – the color representing BTS – and making a picture collage of the members. To make it more specific, the glue he used is also purple.

4) Collecting BTS’ merch

The Eastside singer researched before getting into the role of BTS ARMY. As soon as the Bad Decisions MV starts, we see BTS merch (pillows) on his bed. Moving forward, the toothbrush he uses is also purple. Moreover, Benny is seen wearing a BTS-inspired outfit in the video: Jimin’s entire look from BTS’ Dynamite music video.

Collecting BTS merch is a common practice among the ARMYs. Due to the group’s popularity, the goods often sell out during pre-release or within minutes of their launch.

5) Dancing to BTS’ songs all-day

Fans of the Permission To Dance singers surely don’t need permission to groove their songs all day. In the video, Benny dances to Dynamite, representing the entire BTS fandom. He is also seen shaking his leg to BTS’ music throughout as he prepares to see them perform in person.

Bad Decisions is the second time Benny Blanco has gotten together with BTS for a collaboration. The singer and producer previously cooked a spicy remix of the group’s hit songs – Fake Love, Blood Sweat and Tears, and Life Goes On.