Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Booed in London After ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Footage Goes Viral


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was met with boos outside Canada House in London after footage of the leader singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” went viral for all the wrong reasons. Trudeau was captured singing ad lib in a hotel in London on Saturday night, days before Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. He was seen in a T-shirt at London’s upmarket Corinthia Hotel, standing over a piano with other members of his formal Canadian delegation. He has since been labeled as “disrespectful” and failing to show “decorum,” while footage taken afterward shows the PM being booed on the street. On Fox on Monday night, Fox News host Jesse Watters slammed Trudeau, saying, “Justin Trudeau decided the best way to honor the Queen’s legacy would be to fly to London, wear a T-shirt, get drunk at a British pub, and do karaoke.” Watters ends his criticism with: “Simon Cowell called and I can’t even say what he said.” Stephen Taylor, former senior political adviser to the leader of the opposition in Canada’s Parliament, tweeted: “I don’t think we should let Justin Trudeau leave the country. It never goes well.”