Conflicting Reports Of Bob Saget’s Final Performance Causes Confusion


On January 9, Bob Saget passed away in his hotel room.

The Orange County Sheriff’s department has been releasing audio files of their investigation, including two people from the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall in Florida, where Saget gave his final stand-up performance before driving all the way to his hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando, Florida. He later passed away from a brain bleed caused by blunt head trauma, according to the autopsy reports.

The showrunner for the event, Rosalie Cocci, told detectives that she heard him say “I don’t feel good” before the performance.

Showrunner Claims That Bob Saget Said ‘I Don’t Feel Good’ Before Final Performance

Cocci told detectives that she heard the “Full House” star say, “I don’t feel good but I’m ready to do the show. This is what I do this for” before the set. She said that he “seemed to be talking himself up” in audio files obtained by Page Six.

She said that Saget had explained that “his hearing had been off and that was the case that night. He was asking the sound guys to turn everything up.” She added that Saget complained of “a sore throat” and he was “happy he had lozenges for the stage.”

She also alleged that Saget “stated” that he had “long-term COVID” and it was “taking his body a long time to get over it.” However, she added that he “seemed okay” and was “cracking jokes” throughout his performance, which lasted almost two hours.


“He wasn’t sweating, he didn’t miss a beat, nothing slurred,” she recalled. “He came out very energetic.”

Although he had requested Diet Coke and Redbull, she says that she didn’t see him “ingest” anything that night.

However, her statements stand in stark contrast to what production coordinator Richard Stanford told police in an audio interview held at his home only two days after Saget passed away.

Production Coordinator Alleges That Bob Saget Was Fine Before He Passed Away

The production coordinator for the event never stated that Bob Saget complained about being sick and made no mention of throat lozenges or a sore throat, in an audio file obtained by The Blast. However, he did say that one of his friends did drop by with water, tea bags, and honey, which does sound like something one would use to soothe a sore throat.

“The only thing that stood out [to me that night] was that he was funny, he enjoyed it,” he recalled. “One of his friends locally, the newscaster, dropped off a bag and it had water, tea bags, and honey in it.”

Stanford noted that they were running behind on the soundcheck, which does track with what Cocci had told police. However, he said that Saget “seemed excited” to perform and was “impressed” by the number of people in attendance.

Bob Saget in New York City New York,

After the show, Stanford recalled that Bob Saget hung out for about an hour backstage and showed the crew a sizzle reel for “a new movie or a documentary” that he was working on and talking about some of the new projects that he was involved in.

Although he said that Bob Saget was not slurring his words, he did notice that Saget changed his train of thought often and compared it to ADD. He described working with Saget as “one of the easiest acts I’ve had so far” and said that Saget was “cool, straight to the point, [and had] no filter.”

His performance – which the venue did not record – was “just straight-up, stand-up normal,” Stanford recalled. He called his comedy routine “spot-on” and said that “the magic was there.” He noted that Saget was “excited” to perform on stage again.

Bob Saget with the hotel valet
Orange County Sheriff’s Department

Stanford was in the parking lot when Saget got in his car and drove off, with the mention that he was going to call his family in California on the long drive. Aside from a brief problem with linking up his social media accounts at the beginning of the performance, Stanford said, “he loved it.”

“At no point did I think anything was wrong,” he said. “He chatted with everybody. He had a good time talking with everybody.”

Bob Saget arrived at the hotel safely and had a conversation with the hotel valet, which can be read here.