Eminem Says 50 Cent Saved Him While High on Drugs and Alcohol During Televised Interview


Eminem is opening up about his past drug abuse. The Marshall Mathers rapper openly struggled with prescription pills combined with alcohol for many years in his career before achieving sobriety. He says things got so bad at one point that he fumbled an interview, and his friend 50 Cent saved him.

50 Cent and Eminem | Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Eminem says his addiction didn’t begin until after he attained notoriety 

Slim Shady was known throughout Detroit as a talented rapper, but despite his dreams of making it big, he never imagined he would become an icon. In fact, in his cover story for XXL’s 25th Anniversary issue, the rapper admits he didn’t even get a stable place until after he released his second album. His first album was a massive success, but he didn’t recognize such, and he lived with his ex-wife and her parents during that time.