How to complete all challenges and earn free Ariana Grande emote


Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 has already seen some extravagant collaborations which added tons of new skins, emotes and corresponding cosmetics to the BR.

However, the highlight of the summer was the Rift Tour Event, which will sadly end in a few hours.

Epic Games introduced the event after months of turmoil and constant leaks, rumors and speculation. However, the entire community celebrated when Ariana Grande took the stage on August 6th.

Even those who don’t play Fortnite downloaded the game to witness their favorite pop icon, as a physical concert is nothing less than a health hazard right now.

Epic Games is giving its honest patrons a chance to earn an Ariana Grande emote by completing a set of challenges. The challenges are expected to go live as soon as the Rift Tour event comes to a glorious end.

Complete challenges to earn an Ariana Grande emote in Fortnite

Data miners have been hard at work and shared this piece of information even before the event began. The leak suggested that players need to complete three challenges to grab the much anticipated emote.

That’s exactly what has happened. The set of challenges have already been leaked. Interestingly, there are a number of challenges to choose from which will make things easier for Fortnite players.

The challenges are pretty self explanatory. Playing a game of Fortnite is pretty easy. If you play well and make the top 25 in any game with friends, players will end up ticking off two challenges from the list.

Cosmic chests have been trending for a really long time now, also because they’re rather new and offer good loot. Opening a cosmic chest is another listed challenge.

Again, opening a cosmic chest isn’t tough, but it is important to remember that the entire lobby will be chasing one to earn the Ariana Grande emote for free.

There is a lot to look forward to once the event is over. After months of speculation, we finally have concrete evidence suggesting that several DC characters will be descending upon the Fortnite island.

Superman’s skin will be available starting August 12 with Bloodsport from the Suicide Squad already causing havoc.