Inside Giveon’s Rise to R&B’s Most Relatable Artist


Now working on a new studio album, Giveon is trying to stay grounded amid his recent wins. “Making something that people liked could be just as detrimental as making something that people didn’t like,” he says. “They go hand in hand because once they like it, they just want the next thing even faster.”

He’s doing his best to deliver, noting that he hopes the project will arrive before the end of the year and that his growth will be evident on the album. “From the birth of me as an artist, [I thought], ‘What if people don’t like my voice? What if people say these songs coming from a man are too emotional and vulnerable?’ ” he recalls. He finally learned to stop asking those questions — and embrace those vulnerabilities. “The things that make you insecure,” he says, “are what make people gravitate to you.”

This story originally appeared in the Aug. 7, 2021, issue of Billboard.