Internet outage hits major sites, including Steam


Mitja Rutnik / Android Authority


  • Multiple major sites and services faced an internet outage today.
  • Steam, Disney, Amazon, LastPass, and many other prominent services either went totally down or went in and out of service.
  • The content distribution network Akamai is thought to be the source of the issue, but it has since been fixed.

If you were trying to visit some of the largest sites and services on the ‘net today and came up short, you weren’t alone. Some of the biggest names in gaming, entertainment, shopping, and security went out of service completely, while some others went up and down unpredictably.

The internet outage was connected to the content distribution network (CDN) Akamai (via CNBC). The service issue tracker for that company said there were problems with the Edge DNS service. This affected nearly all the company’s clients, which include Steam, Disney, Amazon, PlayStation, UPS, LastPass, and even GoDaddy.

Akamai addressed the issue and patched it up, resulting in most services being back online now.

If you are still facing an internet outage of some kind, it’s possible there is something wrong on your end. The best troubleshooting step to start with is to shutdown your system and restart. If you still face issues, there might be something wrong with your modem or router.