Kat Dennings Gave Andrew W.K. A Cute Bridal Makeover


“This is my dream come true, putting mascara on these eyeballs.”

The Thor star showed off her amazing skills when she posted a video of herself doing fiancé Andrew W.K.’s makeup.

“Elegant Bridal Makeup?,” she captioned the post. “A timelessly chic wedding look on this already stunning natural beauty? ??‍♀️@Andrewwk.”

In the video, Dennings jokingly walked her fans through her “bridal” makeup tutorial.

“Every bride wants to feel beautiful on their wedding day, don’t they?” she said. “So today, we’re going to do a beautiful, all-seasons bridal makeup [look] on my stunning client Andrew W.K.”

“When you’re doing makeup on a client, normally you wouldn’t caress them,” Dennings jokingly added.

After making sure his foundation was looking right, Dennings then started to work on her beau’s eyes.

“You are so beautiful, you know that?” she said while applying blush and a touch of eyeshadow. “Whoever’s marrying you is the luckiest… this is my dream come true, putting mascara on these eyeballs.”

To top it all off, Dennings applied nude lipstick to the “Party Hard” singer’s face and then she added a veil to complete her masterpiece.

“An absolutely stunning bridal look that can take you from spring to winter,” she joked.

Andrew looked so beautiful once Dennings was done. That video absolutely made my day!

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