Kevin Hart Strikes Back at Nick Cannon With Massive Billboard Prank


Two weeks ago, The Masked Singer‘s Nick Cannon pulled a memorable prank on his friend Kevin Hart, buying the stand-up and movie star a llama for his birthday and posting about it on social media. In the video, Hart promised that “birthday prank wars” were on, and that Cannon had better be ready for fallout. That fallout is here: Hart has apparently rented out some billboards and blasted what he claims is Cannon’s personal cell phone number on them, asking people to call him. The billboards are accompanied by a photo of a scowling Hart standing next to his beloved (?) llama.

The sign asks fans if they have advice on fatherhood. That means this doubles as both a prank, and a promotional poster for Fatherhood, Hart’s new Netflix film.

You can see the two pranks below.

Cannon took to his Instagram Story to suggest that he’s been taking FaceTime calls all day, complete with a caption reading “I hate Kevin Hart.”

Hart in particular is hardly known for public pranks, but it seems as though Cannon’s wackier sense of humor may have rubbed off on Hart a bit — although Hart’s is admittedly a little harder-edged than Cannon’s. Still, Cannon is a heartthrob, and likely is used to having his DMs inundated with messages. Taking it into the physical world was maybe inevitable, even if it’s going to be frustrating explaining to all his friends why he has to change his number come tomorrow.

There’s always the possibility that the pair’s feud is being created to market something — which might be preferable for Cannon, because it would have given him an opportunity to get a burner phone — but it seems more like the good-natured “feuds” between celebrities like Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, where it’s not promotional (at least not explicitly, but more a case of two people who like each other deciding to take their private ribbing to the public space to get the whole world to laugh along with them.