King Responds to Claims Charles Told Harry of Queen’s Death 5 Minutes Before Public, Says Report


Buckingham Palace has responded with fury over reports Prince Harry was given just five minutes’ notice that his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, had died before the announcement was made public. The drama unfolded hours before the queen’s Monday funeral, when Victoria Ward, royal correspondent for the Daily Telegraph, made the claim, suggesting even British Prime Minister Liz Truss knew before Harry. However, a spokesperson for the King told The Daily Mail: “The public was only informed after every family member had been informed.” According to the Mail: “While it is true that Harry was told shortly before the news became public, the reason for this was because he was on a flight to Scotland and therefore not contactable.” The Mail claims that the Telegraph’s original report was removed from the site and replaced with another, downplaying the claims and instead revealing the “Duke not treated differently but late call highlights gulf between Harry and the Royal family.”

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