Kit Harington Recreates the Humiliating Dance He Performs for Baby Son


Kit Harington wants everyone to know that prancing is coming.

The 34-year-old Game of Thrones alum visited The Tonight Show on Thursday, Aug. 12, where host Jimmy Fallon asked about milestones he’s experienced since welcoming his six-month-old son with wife Rose Leslie

After Jimmy asked Kit what he does to make the baby laugh, the actor replied, “I’d do anything. Yeah, I think Rose is the one who he seems to respect and love, and she’s his safe place, and I just seem to be sheer entertainment. Do you know what I mean? And not even very good entertainment. Just entertainment.”

Kit explained that he’ll dance for his son, and when Jimmy wanted to know if he can dance, Kit shared, “I used to be a good dancer, but I put him in his little chair, and he likes dancing to The Beatles. But he only likes it if I do these exaggerated moves. I’ve worked out where the ‘dad dance’ comes from.”