Kody Brown Screams About All His ‘Sacrifices’ in Season 17 ‘Sister Wives’ Trailer


Kody Brown has been unraveling in front of viewers’ very eyes for several seasons. The season 17 trailer for Sister Wives promises more of the same. If the footage shared in the recent promo is to be believed, season 17 could be the final moments of the Brown family’s polygamist marriage. In one telling scene, Kody yelled at someone about the “sacrifices” he made to “love” them.   

What happens with the Brown family in season 17 of ‘Sister Wives’? 

Season 17 of Sister Wives will continue exactly where season 16 left off. Before the Brown family signed off for the season, fans saw Christine decide to step away from her marriage to Kody Brown. Viewers watched as Kody and his wives battled each other on coronavirus (COVID-19) precautions. The tail end of the season also depicted Kody fighting with his sons and figuring out a way to get the family together for a holiday.