Kristen Bell on her daughter sharing a name with delta variant: ‘It’s a big bummer’


Kristen Bell has opened up about her daughter having the same name as a contagious strain of Covid-19.

Speaking on her podcast We Are Supported By, Bell spoke about her daughter’s name, Delta, coinciding with the name of a coronavirus variant.

Bell said of the coincidence to her co-host Monica Padman: “it’s a big, big bummer”, before revealing that her daughter is simply excited every time she hears her name mentioned.

“To be honest, she’s six, so she’s impressed every time she sees a Delta Airlines ad or anything,” Bell said. “She’s like, ‘Oh my gosh, my name!’ So, every time she hears anyone talk about the variant, she’s like, ‘My name!’ So, she’s still excited about it.”

“Maybe it’s a good thing, because her life’s really easy, because she’s privileged and she’s got a little charisma,” Kristen continued. “She’s a little ball of magic and she gets away with everything because of that, so she can either give you puppy dog eyes or make you laugh and because of that her life is too easy.”

Last month (29 June), Bell opened up about how therapy helped her and husband Dax Shepard’s marriage, revealing that they use their solo sessions to “talk s*** about each other”.


The Frozen actress spoke candidly about the realities of making a relationship work during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she spoke with guest host Chelsea Handler.

“At the beginning of the pandemic, we were at each other’s throats,” Bell explained. “And then all the doors locked in our house, like, we had to stay inside, and we were like: ‘Woof. We need to get a handle on the annoyances,’” Bell recalled. “And our therapist, Harry, who I love so much… Harry suggested, since we were both so annoyed with each other… He suggested we go to therapy separately so that we could talk s*** about each other.”

“And we did. And it’s been great,” Bell continued, adding that every two weeks or so, she’ll see her therapist via Zoom to complain about her husband and that Shepard will then do the same.