Kylie Jenner calls out delivery driver after he claimed he heard ‘a baby…


8 July 2022, 12:43

The reality star has called out a delivery driver after he alleged that he heard a baby scream inside her mega LA mansion.

Kylie Jenner has clapped back after a TikTok user has claimed that he delivered food to her home and heard ‘a baby cry’ whilst being there.

TikTok user Pablo Tamayo, who is understood to be employed by US delivery service Instacart, says that he heard the cries of a child within the property after delivering a snack for the Kylie Cosmetics founder.

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Jenner has since responded to the claims in a since deleted message which reads: “lying for attention rubs me the wrong way sorry”.

Tamayo, 20, posted a video this week saying that he delivered a $12 pack of pepperoni from a food shop in West Hollywood and drove it to her home, which he recognised from online images.

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Pablo explaining his side of the story.
Pablo explaining his side of the story.

TikTok @thisisntpablo

He said that the order was placed “under the name of Ashton, so I’m guessing it’s for her assistant or something.”

He added that “This b*tch could have paid me more.”

The pepperoni he delivered showed up on Kylie's story a few hours later.
The pepperoni he delivered showed up on Kylie’s story a few hours later.

TikTok @thisisntpablo

Tamayo continued that he was instructed to drop the food by the entrance, and got to “look into the whole house” and saw “all these assistants, all these maids and s*** … I didn’t see Kylie, I didn’t see Stormi, but I swear I heard a baby scream”.

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Kylie and daughter Stormi on a private jet
Kylie and daughter Stormi on a private jet.


Kylie dismissed these claims in a TikTok post, saying that “no one comes through the gate” and there is “no river”.

The mother of two also added that she “did not order” the food and that the driver was tipped through the app.

In a now-deleted comment, she also said that Tamayo “lied too about seeing through my windows and hearing my son cry.”