Kylie Jenner Shares Sweet Images Of Her Baby… Oh Yeah And The Fact She And Travis Scott Changed His Name


Kylie Jenner is the latest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan to have welcomed a new life into the world. On February 2, Jenner and longtime partner Travis Scott welcomed their second child, a baby boy whose name was revealed to be Wolf Webster. Fans have since been eager to see snapshots of the little one, but Jenner and Scott have been taking their time when it comes to sharing photos. Some may be happy to hear, though, that the reality TV star has dropped a few sweet images that celebrate her new child… Oh, and she also just happened to mention that the baby’s name is no longer Wolf. 

When Kylie Jenner confirmed the birth of her son on Instagram, she simply posted a black and white image that showed her holding his tiny hand. Just recently, she returned to her Instagram stories to post yet another black and white photo of the baby. She still hasn’t revealed his face, but the new pic does show off his adorable feet. You can check it out for yourself down below:

(Image credit: Instagram)

The star also dropped a post that included a series of photos that sum up her pregnancy journey and even added a tribute video that also shows the lead-up to the child’s birth. While all are nice, the biggest takeaway from her recent string of updates has to be the change to the baby’s name. She confirmed the message through another post on her Instagram stories and explained that she wanted to make that clear since she kept “seeing Wolf everywhere.” 

So why the change then? Well, the Life of Kylie star simply mentioned that she and Travis Scott “just really didn’t feel like it was him.” You can see the message in its entirety down below:

Kylie Jenner's Wolf message

(Image credit: Instagram)