Lil Nas X continues to shut down homophobes over Industry Baby video


Lil Nas X has continued to hit out at homophobic abuse aimed at him after the release of his new music video.

The “Old Town Road” rapper’s new video shows him acting out the mock trial for his Nike “Satan Shoe” lawsuit, and the backlash he received for the video of “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)”.

Several scenes in the video show him in prison, including one where he dances naked in the showers with other inmates.

On Sunday (25 July), author and political analyst Boyce Watkins accused Lil Nas X of “marketing the sexual irresponsibility that’s causing young men to die from AIDS”.

“Being gay is one thing, but being a super spreader is another,” he tweeted. “There’s nothing healthy or helpful about that video. Especially for children.”

The 22-year-old singer responded: “Y’all be silent as hell when ni***s dedicate their entire music catalogue to rapping about sleeping with multiple women. But when I do anything remotely sexual I’m ‘being sexually irresponsible’ and ‘causing more men to die from AIDS’ y’all hate gay ppl and don’t hide it.

A day earlier, on 24 July, another Twitter user had accused the rapper of “emasculating” and “attacking” Black men.

The tweet read: “This Lil Nas X industry baby video… smh, of course, Lil Nas and the black males are extra feminine and the white male is cool with the girl in jail lol I mean cmon now this is so obvious … the emasculation and attack on black men is so disrespectful.”

“The truth is there is no attack,” Lil Nas X responded.

“You view femininity as weakness. You don’t like gay Black men because you are afraid of Black men, as a whole, being viewed as weak. You cling on to your masculinity because without it you have nothing else going for yourself,” he added.

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In another tweet, Lil Nas X tackles the accusations about pushing the “gay agenda” on the unsuspecting masses.

He said: “Yes manipulation is real. Agendas are real. I just simply don’t believe me in a fictional prison with twerking men could lead to a heterosexual man deciding to suck d*ck.”

He added: “All jokes aside, the idea of a gay agenda doesn’t make sense. If someone influences you to suck c*ck, you probably already wanted to suck c*ck.”