MARVEL: 3 ways Black Widow’s ending sets up the ‘HawkEye’ mini-series


This action-packed blockbuster doesn’t just fulfil the long-awaited back story of Natasha Romanoff, it also sets the stage for the next MCU mini-series inline; ‘Hawk-eye’.

Caution! This article contains spoilers

  • A confrontation between Yelena and Clint Barton: Unlike Natasha who joined the Avengers after fleeing the Russian spy mob, Yelena remained under the mind control of Dreykov. After years of being apart, Natasha and Yelena dramatically reunite to take down the organisation that had them in bondage as little girls. 

However, their reunion is short-lived as Natasha deems it fit to go salvage what is left of her second family, The Avengers. Which well happens to be in shambles at the point. As the movie ends with Natasha jetting into infinity war. We know that’ll be the last Yelena will ever see of her after Natasha sacrifices herself for the soul stone on Vomir.

With the post-credits of black widow, we see Yelena visit her sister’s grave with a sombre expression of guilt and sedimented rage. And right about then, Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, a double agent comes to give her an assignment. The assignment; Clint Barton.

Whom she accuses of being responsible for Natasha’s death, which we of course know is false. However, Yelena doesn’t. With that unsettled guilt and rage, We should expect a showdown of retribution from a grieving sister, and a grieving friend of the late black widow in the opening scenes of hawkeye.

  • A new black widow:  In the post-credits scene, while Yelena stares at Natasha’s tombstone which reads ‘Friend, Sister, Avenger. 

Yelena might want to take up the last word, as a means of closure to live up to the black widow legacy. I mean, Yelena’s got the skills, the spirit and hilariously gets the iconic pose.

Would you like to see Yelena in a black widow costume in Marvel’s phase 4?

  • The Thunderbolts: After first appearing in the Falcon and the winter soldier mini-series, where Valentina Allegra de Fontaine in her edgy black coats and dark shades recruits ‘John Walker’ there is a theory in motion! 

Fontaine is setting up a new Avengers team, called ‘The Thunderbolts’.

According to the comics, The Thunderbolts is to consist of, Yelena(The new Black Widow), General Ross as (Red hulk), Taskmaster, Ghost from (Ant-man & The wasp), Baron Zemo, John Walker, and Justice Hammer from (Iron man2)

All led by None other than Clint Barton (Hawkeye).

Perhaps Marvel phase 4 Thunderbolts is what the ‘Hawkeyemini-series is set to trigger. OR,

It’s too early to predict as Marvel just has a way of marvelling us with unseen plot twists and a mind-bending interconnected universe system just as executed with the recently concluded LOKI.

Whichever way ‘Black Widow’s ending has set Hawkeye’s mini-series in motion, on an undisclosed official release date, we’ll find out.

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