Paul McCartney Relives Beatlemania In His ‘Find My Way’ Video


Some people wish they could go back in time and relive their 20’s. For most, the wish is nothing but a nostalgic pipe dream. But with Paul McCartney‘s latest video, the singer was able to go back in time and relive the days of Beatlemania — sort of.

McCartney dropped his funky “Find My Way” video Thursday featuring Beck, a song which appears on his collaborative McCartney III Imagined LP. The far-out visual uses de-aging technology to show McCartney in his Beatles days shimmying through the halls of a vintage-looking hotel. “Step back in time and onto the dancefloor,” McCartney wrote alongside the video.

So how were directors able to make it look like a 20-something McCartney was actually dancing through around a hotel? They tapped creators from the company Hyperreal Digital to take on the task, a company which specializes in the creation of hyper-realistic digital avatars. “The technology to de-age talent and have them perform in creative environments like this is now fully-realized, even with one of the most recognized faces in the world,” Hyperreal’s CEO Remington Scott said in a statement about the visual.

Watch McCartney’s “Find My Way” video above.

McCartney III Imagined is out now via Capitol Records. Get it here.