Paulina Porizkova cries on Instagram over feeling betrayed


Paulina Porizkova got candid with her Instagram followers about experiencing and dealing with betrayal. (Photo by Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

Paulina Porizkova is once again getting vulnerable with her Instagram followers.

On Thursday, the supermodel took to the social media platform to share a photo of herself crying. In the caption, she wrote, “I know you all enjoy happy posts, seeing people pick themselves up, dust off their pants and get back on the horse, all while smiling to let you know this fall just made them stronger and better people. But. Everyday is not a happy day in the path of recovery.”

Though Porizkova did not mention the specific situation she was referring to, she shared that “trust after being betrayed seems as far fetched as being shot into space,” before correcting herself and saying it actually seemed easier to imagine the latter.

“When you’ve been betrayed- promised something, only to have that promise broken without your participation — you were blindsided. You trusted someone you loved, and now all love is suspect,” she continued. “But love is not possible without trust. And a world without love is not worth living. (All kinds of love). So what does one do when you want to stay open, but the wind of betrayal keeps slamming the door? I guess — maybe — walk outside and brave the weather?”

Porizkova concluded with, “You’ll find me in the metaphorical closet pilling on layers for protection. For you who like to point out a crying selfie is the height of narcissism, I whole-heartedly agree!”

The 56-year-old, who recently split from writer-director Aaron Sorkin, previously opened up about her complicated feelings following the death of her husband, Cars frontman Ric Ocasek, in September 2019. The two had been estranged since 2017, however, they continued to live together up until his death. One month before his death, Ocasek, who was in a relationship with Porizkova for more than two decades, cut her out of his will, a move the model told CBS Sunday Morning caused feelings of “incredible hurt and betrayal.”

Porizkova, who began dating the musician when she was 19, wrote on Instagram in November 2020, “While my love for my husband was steady and my trust in him absolute, I was clearly delusional. I believed I knew him. I believed we had the same definition of ‘love.’ Grieving him is an equal amount of heartbreak and rage.”

Porizkova’s romance with Sorkin ended on a much more positive note. In a July Instagram post, she announced the breakup while also writing, “I’m so grateful for his presence in my life. He helped heal me and reclaim myself. There truly may be no better man, no man who’s more genuinely ‘good’. He’s brilliant and witty and funny and sexy.”

Of the reason for their split, she shared, “It doesn’t matter how much we may wish we were birds of a feather — we’re still a duck and a goose.”

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