People from Marlborough pay their respects to see the Queen


People from Marlborough have been paying their respects to the Queen by joining the mammoth queue in London to see her lying in state.

A 51-year-old mother, Ali Kent, waited to see Her Majesty on Thursday morning with her two children, Maddie and Tom before the official advice came out that people should avoid going, with the queue reaching over five miles.

They made an early start, getting there at 5am and said they were lucky to make it in by 10am.

Ali said: “She was born into this life and had no choice. She undertook her role without complaint and generally with a smile. Having lost my own Mother earlier in the year, has reminded me of the sense of loss that comes with losing a constant person in your life.

“As you got nearer to the hall it got quieter and quieter. Luckily for us we’d only waited five hours, but when the time came to go in it still, for me, it felt unreal.”

Flowers left in memory of Queen Elizabeth II in London

“It was complete silence in the hall, with slow walking and many of us in tears.

“We stood and bowed our heads and I quietly said; Thank You Ma’am.”

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: The moment Ali Kent and her family paying their respects to the Queen; captured on the BBC livestream.The moment Ali Kent and her family paying their respects to the Queen; captured on the BBC livestream.

Teresa Harvey-Pedley who is also from the town was in the queue yesterday (16/09) waiting to pay her respects. 

She said: “My son is is the Household cavalry Queens Lifeguard and was in the procession on Wednesday, and the funeral on Monday so we’ve come to see him and pay our respects to the Queen.

“Luckily we made it before they cut off entry.”

Kelly Law from Marlborough also managed to get in line to pay her respects. 

She said: “It was a gruelling 14-hour wait.

“Quite a few needing first aid for blisters, achy feet, old injury’s playing up in knees, hips etc and suffering from the cold.

“We were stuck on the bridge for over an hour, it was extremely cold, but we were there with a purpose, and like the queen we did our duty.”

Laura Johnson also travelled over from Marlborough yesterday (16/08).

She said: “It is supremely well organised, and the staff and security are lovely. 

“Strangers are making friends with their new queue pals as I think we all appreciate we are in for a very long wait and night.

“Thousands are here in the park but it’s been moving at a steady pace.”