Safety tips to remember if your rideshare driver becomes aggressive


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A country music singer was attacked and left injured in a Bellevue ditch in late June. On Tuesday, Metro Police arrested the accused suspect, a 46-year old driver for the rideshare app Lyft.

According to Metro police, Clare Dunn was riding in a Lyft on Saturday, June 26th with driver Albert Boakye, when she and the driver had an altercation. Dunn told police Boakye missed his turn, and when she informed him, he became so angry that he pulled Dunn out of the car by her shirt and threw her to the ground in a ditch. The singer was left with several bruises and deep cuts on her face.

“These things are extremely rare with rideshare,” said John Bourque, Community Affairs Sergeant for the West precinct. “But, I think in all instances of life, we should be situationally aware of what’s going on around us and how things are evolving where we are.”

Sgt. Bourque offers tips if you find yourself with an aggressive rideshare driver. His first advice: shorten the journey.

“If you see things are getting argumentative with the driver, maybe you want to end that ride early and not proceed to your destination,” said Sgt. Bourque. “If there is a safe place that you can get out – maybe a gas station or a shopping center or a public place where there’s people around.”

If things escalate too quickly to shorten your trip, Bourque suggests escaping the vehicle or preparing to defend yourself.

“I think it would be very unusual for a rideshare driver to get out of the car,” Bourque said. “Maybe if he goes to one door, I slide to the other one.”

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Boakye has been charged with misdemeanor assault.