This New Trombone Music Game Is AWESOME – OutKick


Move over Timmy Trumpet, the trombone is coming to town.

The video game world and social media are absolutely losing it over a brand new trombone music game.

Similar to Guitar Hero and Rock Band, the user is able to play from a pre-selected array of songs, attempting to play the notes as they scroll across the screen.

Developed by Holy Wow, Trombone Champ is gaining a ton of buzz for being an absolute blast to play. Essentially, it’s a rhythm game where you’re playing a trombone, and have to move your mouse while simultaneously hitting a button to match the music currently playing.

Just watch the trailer below and tell me you don’t want to immediately try out this game:


Unlike other music games though, Trombone Champ not only has a selection of songs, but allows the user to create their own from scratch. That’s hours of fun whether you’re a child or a drunk college kid on a Saturday night with buddies trying to come up with some jams.

Also, when playing the likes of Guitar Hero, when you hit a wrong note, it doesn’t actually play. Here? You can stretch the trombone sound as if you were playing it live in person. You’re able to immediately see how horrible, or good you sound.

Social media clips have gone viral of people playing the games. Look at these SCENES right here:

Trombone Champ has been out for a week now and is getting rave reviews. PC Gamer has already deemed it a “Game of the Year contender.”

Unfortunately as of now the game is only available on PC and not Apple. The company saying on it’s website that, “A Mac version is currently being researched.”

The game costs $14.99 and it can be purchased at