Trippie Redd Delivers “Betrayal” Ft. Drake


After pulling his Drake feature from Trip At Knight at the last minute, Trippie Redd has delivered. Trippie was just boasting to Zane Lowe about linking with the OVO Sound mogul and then, just like that, Drake’s addition to the project vanished. Fans stormed social media with questions, and rather than come with excuses, Trippie dropped the track less than an hour ago.

The feature is an unusual look for Drake as he melts into Trippie’s sound and fans are debating whether or not it complements Drizzy’s flow. “He’s a perfectionist,” Trippie said his collaborator. “Just back and forth talking to each other, trying to figure out what we going to do for the record and sh*t. Honestly, he’s just very, I don’t know. He likes to keep his sh*t perfect. He wants to make sure we have the best song we could possibly have for this moment.”

Stream “Betrayal” and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

We be spinnin’ on you and your people, dancin’ on your grave
Keep them choppers like Resident Evil, we dress like Blood Range
Rockеd out, American Eagle, hoodiе got bloodstains
And my brother whippin’ up them kilos, I told him “F*ck the game”
Twin Glocks, Max Payne, kickin’ sh*t, Johnny Cage